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GO PRO Exposure

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Here at GO PRO we understand that most aspiring professional footballers will already be connected to a football club of some sort. Whether this being your school team, a Sunday League team, representing your County team, or even a previous pro academy, aspiring pro footballers will already have been exposed to football and will be involved in some sort of structured sessions where training is provided.

Therefore whilst top class training will be provided by our FA/UEFA Licensed coaches at all GO PRO exposure showcases, GO PRO’s main emphasis is to expose our players’ ability in competitive games.

It is all well and good being a good training player but here at GO PRO our team of current and retired professionals understand the psychology of pro scouts and mangers and it all boils down to what a player can do in a game.

The GO PRO exposure showcase is a platform for you to demonstrate what you can do in a game!


  • Offers a life changing opportunity to put you firmly on the map to make the transition from Amateur to Pro
  • Offers soccer Exposure Showcases that are run by highly experienced certified coaches with many years of experience teaching young football players
  • Offers coaching & training staff that are FA and UEFA licensed
  • Offers exposure showcases for both boys and girls
  • The boys’ showcases will be held on different occasions to the girls’ showcases
  • Offers all participating players the opportunity to showcase their ability in front of Professional football scouts and coaches
  • Offers a day showcase where players participate in skills clinics receiving top class coaching from our team of certified coaches before being assembled into teams to compete against each other in the main showcase event
  • Offers a five day showcase where players are assembled into teams from the start to compete in a week long tournament that offers group stages and knockout stages
  • The Five Day Showcase identifies the best players at the showcase and offers them an opportunity to compete against each other in an all-star game as a conclusion to the showcase which will be watched by Pro football scouts and coaches
  • THE GO PRO FOOTBALL ACADEMY, is an elite training academy which offers a five day exposure showcase to players who are already playing at the pro academy level or have recently left or been released from a pro academy. The GO PRO Football Academy is invite only, and only players that are at the required academy level will be able to gain a place on the GO PRO Football Academy. Players attending the 1day GO PRO Football Trial will be eligible for selection onto the GO PRO Football Academy if they demonstrate the required standard of play at their trial
  • Football strategy and tactical analysis advice, training and coaching, for players aged 8 – 35
  • Showcases are split into four main age groups: 8-12, 12-15, 15-18 and 18+
  • Provides players with a Player Development Plan
  • The GO PRO team will provide advice for each player on how to improve their game during and after the showcase has finished. Advice will provided on players’ overall ability, fitness, speed and agility. Dietary advice will also be provided to players on “how to eat like a Pro”
  • All GO PRO Football Academy members will be provided with numbered bibs. Numbered bibs will also be provided for players attending the GO PRO 1Day trial, so all players  at the academy and on the 1day trials must ensure that they have the appropriate kit with them for their showcase
  • Online footage:- The GO PRO Media Team will be filming each showcase game and online footage will be produced and available to stream from the GO PRO website.

*MEDIA* Go Pro Football's England U19 International Jordan Slew (Go Pro Football Ambassador & Talent ID Scout )

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