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  • Persistence overcomes resistance
  • Believe to achieve
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  • Is it your time to shine…If so GO PRO!
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Why Go Pro?

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Because GO PRO cares!

GO PRO are firm believers that players need the chance to showcase their talent in front of scouts, GO PRO gives players this opportunity.

GO PRO believes that every player in the world deserves an opportunity to be scouted so that they get the chance they deserve to make the transition from Amateur to Pro if they are good enough.

GO PRO offers a unique opportunity to young aspiring football players who have the drive and the talent but lack exposure and contact opportunities.

GO PRO offers players the chance that they need because they have been held back by poor coaching or team style of play. Often there are players who live in remote areas where professional scouts will not cover… The GO PRO Exposure Showcase offers these players a chance to finally be seen and recruited by the scouts.

A SECOND CHANCE- GO PRO understands that there are players who have been released from clubs too soon and require a second chance to prove themselves. Regardless of the reason for your release, GO PRO are here to help and offer players that second chance to be recruited and gain the true recognition that they deserve.

If the GO PRO experts believe you are good enough, we can match you with the right team of your level.

GO PRO believes that there are players all over the world who just need that one chance to showcase their ability and prove themselves – so GO PRO provides a professional, fun showcase experience giving the player that chance to shine.

GO PRO offers an opportunity for non-UK nationals to break into the UK football scene and kick-start their journey to becoming a professional footballer in the UK’s top Football Leagues.

GO PRO can make your football dreams come true if you are good enough… LOGIN & BOOK YOUR FOOTBALL TRIAL! SECURE YOUR PLACE ON A GO PRO EXPOSURE SHOWCASE NOW! IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

*MEDIA* Go Pro Football's England U19 International Jordan Slew (Go Pro Football Ambassador & Talent ID Scout )

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